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Think your house won’t ever be broken into?

Think again, there were 47,668 reported break-ins recorded by Victorian Police from October 2014 to September 2015 (1). That means that on average, every 11 minutes somewhere in Victoria, a criminal has entered someone’s home.   home-security2-resized.jpg                                                                

Families, just like yours, walk in to find a burglar has smashed a window, jimmied a lock, forced an entry and stolen their most prized possessions.

Or worse still, there could be an unknown stranger lurking in dark shadows outside the house, waiting for the opportunity to sneak in and cause untold damage.

All day, every day,

  • protect the ones you love  
  • make sure your valuables are safe   
  • have the best home security systems available - Camsure’s Residential Packages.                                                               

Our residential home alarm systems allow you to make sure that everything in your house is safe and sound by,

  • accessing PIR cameras’ real-time viewing through a smartphone app.
  • checking that there are no unwanted visitors hiding in your home - before you enter
  • if an unwanted intruder tries to force their way into your house, an alert is sent to your smartphone and an alarm is triggered
  • feel comforted knowing that IP cameras will have sent images into the Risco cloud for storage

Camsure’s Residential Security systems range from the SECURE PACKAGE – IP suitable as a security system for indoor monitoring of smaller homes, apartments and offices, to our INSIDE & OUT PACKAGE which is more appropriate for indoor and outdoor viewing of larger homes.

All Camsure Residential Packages use Risco’s - cost effective, reliable, and extremely long-lasting Agility 3 - wireless home security components and systems.

Most of Camsure’s security packages can be easily extended by ordering online components to increase your surveillance areas.  All systems sold are backed with the manufacturer’s two to three year warranty for components, and our simple to use returns system.

Arrange a free consultation and we will work with you to find the most suitable solutions to address your home security issues. 

Call 1300 451 307, email us, or chat online with us to organise a free onsite review of your home’s security system needs, recommendations for component positioning and placement, any extra components needed, and installation of the system.

Australians love to think of their home as being the place where they can go, relax with loved ones, surrounded by the things they value the most.  Turn your home back into the safe haven it’s meant to be with an alarm security system from Camsure, a company you can trust.

1. Crime Statistics Agency http://www.crimestatistics.vic.gov.au/home/crime+statistics/year+ending+september+2015/recorded+offences Accessed March 2016

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