Construction & Site Security

‘$1600 worth of tools taken from a construction site in Lilydale and a further $4000 worth stolen from a house under renovation in Warburton’ (1) - you only have to pick up a paper, click on a news source, or listen to the evening bulletin to find another theft at a Melbourne construction site.


Imagine you have arrived early to set up for the day’s work, Maybe it’s time to consider having a Camsure construction site security system ‘keeping an eye on’ your Construction site.  Not only have you lost the implements and machinery you need for the day’s activities, there is the greater loss of untold hours of your work, and you find a trail of destruction and several wrecked tools and machinery.

 time spent organising paperwork needed by insurance agencies and police reports and time wasted whilst claims are being processed.  

It’s possible all these losses could be avoided with an alert sent to your smartphone, as soon as an intruder has entered your construction site.  Know exactly who has been on your site every hour of every day.   Camsure’s Risco Agility3 INSIDE & OUT security systems are of one of the best construction site alarms packages. 

Construction Businesses have many similar worksite issues that other businesses encounter, such as,

  • Workplace accidents
  • Actionable Behaviours
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Fraud
  • OH&S Violations

If an actionable incident does occur, you will need to verify exactly what has happened.

Recorded footage captured by alarm systemsis often used as evidence if there is an official police or Worksafe investigation, and you’ll need proof that your workplace had taken specific actions to minimise risk.

After installation, Camsure’s INSIDE & OUT security package,

  • alarm alerts your smartphone when there has been an incident or event
  • Risco’s Agility3 state of the art technology triggers a burglar alarm system
  • live streams via an outdoor bullet camera
  • captures images and saves images in the Risco retention cloud, for retrieval up to 30 days after the event
  • allows you to have on-demand real-time viewing access via a smartphone app

One of the most popular features of our INSIDE & OUT security package is the flexibility offered by the ease of adding components to extend the original package to increase surveillance. We offer both online support, and online ordering of components and cameras, if your site needs extra surveillance as well as installation.  All systems sold are backed with the manufacturer’s two or three year warranty for components, and our simple to use returns system.

Call 1300 451 307, email, or chat with us online to organise a for a free onsite review of your construction site’s security system needs, recommendations about positioning and placement, any extra components needed, and installation of the system. And remember, usually security alarm systems for business are tax deductable and many insurance agencies either insist, or look favourably upon businesses who invest in good business alarm systems.** 

1. Sam Bidey  More than $400,000 worth of tools stolen in the Yarra Ranges  Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader accessed 3/10/2106