Buying Process

Our buying process is detailed to enable you to unpack your system and plug in, saving you time. Please let us help you with your purchase & installation process by clarifying a few things  

  1. Select suitable package
  2. Select additional cameras (indoor, outdoor)
  3. Select additional accessories (plaster mounting pack, renters no damage pack, outdoor brick pack ,no mounting pack, I have items to use)
  4. Select System to modem cable (1m or 2m based on distance from modem to location of Camsure panel)
  5. Would you like wireless door or window sensors? (this allows to to partially arm your doors and windows while you are home . You can then move freely inside)
  6. A 15 second delay will be programmed for entry sensor select sensor or sensor with camera (this allows you to enter and reach alarm panel to turn disarm alarm)
  7. Do you need cat 5 cable for outdoor cameras? (external cameras – yes you do) What is the distance from camera location to internet modem? Allow extra 5m for wall Options (1 cable per outdoor camera. Select 15m, 25m, 35m)
  8. Outdoor cameras will require a 4 point POE 7 a 1m cable from 4 point POE to modem (external cameras – yes you do)
  9. Do you need IP model (Plug directly into modem) or GSM/GPRS (Modem & Sim Card Ready)
  10. Postcode Search – Freight Rates 
  11. Pay via Mastercard, Visa, EFT, Paypal
  12. Check out
  13. Forward Camsure to a friend