Commercial Security Systems

The Australian Institute of Criminology (1) reported that over 50% of Australian retailers and small business owners report being a victim of crime in their workplace. And well over 25,000 injuries and accidents are reported to Worksafe Victoria nearly every year (2).


Imagine arriving to work one day to find and half your computers stolen and most of your office equipment trashed!the front door already open,

Or you are called to your worksite because one of your apprentices has taken a tumble down a flight of stairs and it’s unsure whether it was an accident due to workplace negligence.

It’s tough enough trying to make your business as successful as it should be, without the added complications of criminal activities or actionable behaviours.

  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Fraud
  • OH&S Violations

The list of possible threats to your business’s financial viability just keeps going on and on!

Don’t you wish you could take some of the stress away?

Don’t you wish you could ‘keep an eye on’ your workplace all the time, every day?                        

Camsure’s business alarm systems can take some of the pressure off by letting you access real-time viewing of your worksite, all day and at any time-day or night.

Our INSIDE & OUT PACKAGE is essential when a criminal or an actionable incident has occurred and you need to know and understand the details of exactly what has happened.   Flashing light alarms are still a good way to get burglaries noticed, but the latest in Risco’s Agility3’s security alarm systems for business feature innovative technology as well,

  • smartphone alarm alert
  • smartphone app and browser real-time viewing access
  • cloud image storing technology
  • automatic 30 second footage triggered when cameras detect a incident

Camsure’s INSIDE & OUT PACKAGE is suitable for both larger and smaller businesses.  For added flexibility, additional components to extend the coverage of surveillance areas, can be ordered online.  All systems sold are backed with the manufacturer’s two to three year warranty for components, and our simple to use returns system.

Call 1300 451 307, email, or chat with us online to organise a free onsite review of your business’s security system needs, recommendations about positioning and placement, any extra components needed, and installation of the system. And remember, usually security alarm systems for business are tax deductable and many insurance agencies either insist, or look favourably upon businesses who invest in good business alarm systems.**

For your peace of mind, let our technologically superior burglar alarm system facilitate the extra monitoring capability your business needs.  

**check with your tax agent and insurance agent to see if you qualify before purchasing your business security system

1. Australian Institute of Criminology retail and Small Businesses, Victims of Crime Accessed 8/3/2016

2. WorkSafe Victoria, Claims reported by calendar year Accessed 8/3/2016