Why You Need Home Security Products With A Panic Alarm To Protect Your Loved Ones


With the incidents of reported gang invasions sharply increasing this year, installation of home security products with a panic alarm to protect your loved ones, has never been more timely.

  • On April 10th the Age1. reported a gang of men, broke in to a house in Keysborough, found a man asleep on his couch, violently assaulted him with a golf club, then stole his car.
  • Recently extremely similar incidents have occurred in Templestowe2, Brighton, Ormond East, and Cranbourne.
  • Victorian Crime statistics show there was a steep 8.1% increase in aggravated burglaries during 2015 – however, íf the current trend continues, it could be expected that there will be an even greater increase this year.
  • 3aw3. reports the Assistant Commissioner for Crime, Steve Fontana as saying burglars could become violent if disturbed and that ‘a ten year old boy was traumatised after he was terrorised by several men who broke into his family home.’
  • criminals who are prepared to commit these types of crimes are usually prepared to target anyone, regardless of their victims age or gender – an 92 year old man was watching tv one night in September last year, when the power went off. He went outside to switch it back on and a thief was waiting for him. The elderly Nunawading gent had cash stolen from him4 and was severely traumatised by the incident.

Of course Victorian Police are well on top of finding and arresting suspected aggravated burglars, but shouldn’t we all take personal responsibility for the protection of those we love?

You need to at least consider if it’s time to install home security productsthat include a personal fob that can be programed for a user to send a panic alert to your smartphone if there is the slightest thre

at of danger.

We offer one of the most reliable ranges of CCTV, Wi-Fi, fully integrated home security products with a panic alarm - the 

Risco Agility3 packages. Many of our security packages come with free installation, to keep an eye on the people you care about.

Starting from our Secure Package IP, which is perfect for smaller houses and units, to our largest system, The Inside/Outside Package, perfect for the larger family home - all our Residential Security Systems include two security fobs. These fobs,

  • are fully integrated with all our Risco security packages
  • can be used to arm/disarm the system, making it easy for elderly people to make sure their security device is set before they go to bed, or even when they’re watching tv in the evening
  • makes it easy to disarm the system should a false alarm be triggered
  • are designed to be able to be worn around the neck as a pendant, or around the wrist
  • have a typical battery life of 3 years
  • that is able to be used to alert your smartphone should an incident occur

Let our Security Experts help you to protect the ones who are most vulnerable.

For more information on all of our home security products,or to book a free security analysis, call 1300 451 307, chat live or fill in the enquiry form elsewhere on this websitehttp://camsure.com.au/contact/

Most of Camsure’s home security productscome with Risco’s two year warranty on components – click here for details http://riscogroup.com/sites/default/files/general_condition_of_sale_and_Delivery__0.pdf

Pic courtesy of Eastlake Times flikr

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