It’s Not Just About Installing A Camsure Home Camera Security System 10 Tips To Make Sure Your New Home Is Protected.


It’s not surprising that autumn in Melbourne tends to be one of the peak times for changing apartments or homes, and installing a home camera security system. It’s obvious that one of the most effective ways to protect your belongings is with a home camera security system, but have you thought about the other ways to minimise your chances of having an unwanted intruder enter your new premises? We’ve put together some tips to help you secure your home – no matter how big or small it is.

Tip 1
Swap over the locks

Although it is usual for vendors to hand all copies of keys to a real estate agent, this might not always happen.

Make sure you change your new home’s locks.

Tip 2 Only Use Reputable Tradesmen

While most tradesmen are trustworthy, some might copy your keys and gain entry into your home when you’re not there.

Tip 3 Secure entry points

Burglars usually look for houses or apartments that they can enter quickly and leave easily. So, make it difficult for them, by securing broken or worn out doors, windows, replace tiles and damaged roofing, and lock gates and manholes.

Tip 4 Install a Camsure home camera security system

Risco’s affordable, high quality security devises come in a range of sizes; from smaller portable systems that are suitable for small houses, or apartments – to more extensive systems for larger homes. You will have peace of mind knowing that, as soon as an unwanted stranger is detected by your home camera security system, real time image capture, your smartphone app, a siren and flashing light will all be triggered.

Tip 5 Mount outside motion detection lighting

Not only does a motion detecting light highlight the actions of a burglar, they also make it easier for your outside security cameras to film the event in great detail.

Tip 6 Keep your yard clear

Cut back any trees or plants that could hide a burglar as they go about their business. Relocate any wheelie bins, ladders, or other implements that could be used to climb onto your roof and gain entry into your new home.

Tip 7 Don’t advertise you’re out

Most burglars don’t want to be surprised as they go about the business of stealing valuables; they usually prefer to target homes and apartments whose owners are obviously away. So, make it look like someone is home,

  • clear out your mailbox
  • put away your wheelie bin
  • leave a light or two on in your home
  • and have a radio playing.

Tip 8

Don’t advertise when you’ve made a big purchase

Boxes from your newest electronic devices shouldn’t be left sticking out of the top of your recycling bin. This is one of the quickest ways to communicate to any would-be thieves that you probably have a new and valuable gadget sitting waiting for them to break in and take.

Tip 9 Store valuables in a safe

Safes are relatively cheap compared to the amount of jewellery and valuables that most couples own. Make sure you properly install one that is a reputable brand and has a lock that isn’t easily broken into.

Tip 10 Get to know your neighbours

This tip is especially important for apartment owners! Become friendly with the people who live near you. Tell them when you’re not going to be home, and gently ask them to keep an eye on things when you’re not there.

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Picture - Martin Cathrae