Learn from the Lollipops Brawl – You Need The Best Security Camera System For Your Event!


The message is clear, you need to have the best security camera system installed for your own protection. No matter whether your event is;

  • as small as your daughter’s 3rd birthday party,
  • a preforming arts festival in the community area of a small town
  • a large scale annual Festival that draws in thousands of visitors
  • a younger players’ football skills session,

wherever people are involved - things can go wrong!!!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, ‘oh, it’s only a party, why on earth would we need the best security camera systemavailable for that!’ But, it’s exactly this type of thinking that can create a huge amount of headaches for event organisers, or venue owners or operators.

In Melbourne, because the fracas occurred in a Sydney Lollipops Play Centre, you might not have heard of the incident between two brawling families who were at the venue to celebrate their children’s birthdays.

Allegedly, the affray was sparked by the common enough 

incident of a daughter complaining to her father that a child, 

from a separate family’s party, had pulled her hair. The father challenged one of the other party’s organisers, and from there the two group’s dispute grew into a massive brawl.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that footage showed ‘adults and children screaming as a man is slammed to the ground and repeatedly punched, kicked and attacked with a chair’ and that ‘children as young as two hid in the play equipment, while dozens more stood just metres away, watching the fracas.

ABC News later added ‘three men were injured in the fight. [and] Seven members of one extended family were charged with assault and affray and pleaded guilty.’

At Camsure, we understand that incidents at children’s play centres escalating to such a violent outcome, are pretty unusual, but, imagine how you would feel if that brawl had happened at an event at your home? 18th birthday parties that become uncontrollable ‘Facebook events’ are often the subject of media headlines; as are assaults, drug offenses and thefts at larger festivals. It only takes one or two people to behave in an inappropriate, socially unacceptable manner, and all of a sudden you, as an event organiser, could be held responsible. If you’re involved in staging any small, medium or large event, you need the best security camera system available.

Picture how you would feel if you owned a venue like the Lollipops Playhouse mentioned. Negative publicity like this could finish your business. Or even if your sports or social club was holding an event, what happens if something goes wrong. No matter who you are, what event you’re organising, you need the best security camera system that’s available to record and take real time images, transmitted to cloud storage if needed for evidence if things don’t turn out the way you expect them to.

The best security camera system for any event that you’re involved in, can be found in Camsure’s Risco Agility3 packages which,

  • Offers a free security assessment from our professional CCTV specialist
  • Uses up-to-date technology, including real time image storage and app viewing
  • Can be extended with fully integrated extra parts to ensure full coverage
  • Is flexible enough to suit any sized event
  • Is renowned for excellent quality at a cost effective price

Do everything you can to protect your event and venue by installing one of the best security camera systempackages from Camsure - Phone: 1300 451 307, enquire about a free security assessment and quote, chat live on our website, or simply order online.

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